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Event status improvements

Some small improvements for TDs entering their own events.

  • Before, when you created an event, the status was automatically set to Accepted, which meant your only option was to cancel it. Now, we’ve added the In Discussion status to this page.What this means is that if a planner wants you to hold a set of dates, you can enter the dates and set the event to In Discussion. To event planners your schedule will show “Tentative.” That way, everyone you can see you’ve pencilled in those dates, but you’re not committed until you change the status to Accepted. Other planners can still issue invites for those dates, and when the planner you blocked the dates for eventually sends a proper invitation, you can accept that one and cancel the first one.
  • Now instead of declining an event you entered yourself, you can just cancel it.
  • Canceled events are shown with lines through them and faded to indicate they’re not relevant events anymore.

What do you think? Should canceled events even be displayed at all? Or would you rather have the option to turn it on and off?

Also, caught a bug in the update event page where a date update would error out — this has been fixed.

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Reassign events, minor fixes…

Over the weekend we added the ability for an event planner admin user to reassign events from one planner to another, as well as some other minor enhancements: icons on the My Events page have been made bigger and nicer, and we’ve added pagination to the My Favorites list.

Keep those ideas coming!

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Email your staff with ease

Need to send ops manuals to your staff? Need to let them know about last minute changes? Now you can email your staff for a given event quickly and easily. Click on the envelope icon next to the event name on your Events page. You can dash off a note to all of your confirmed staff, and even attach up to three files.

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Tell-A-Friend fixed, other email issues resolved

A change made under the hood to add some features to email functions broke the Tell-A-Friend tool as well as the support page. We’re very sorry if you tried to reach us via Contact Us and couldn’t. You can always get us at support(@) if the contact form fails.

All’s fixed on this front again. Please let us know if you catch anything else.

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See your profile like an event planner does

As a TD, the profile editing screen allows you to enter in all kinds of information about yourself. What an event planner actually sees when browsing TD profiles is this information, presented slightly differently. Now you can see what they see by clicking the “Event Planner View” button on the top right corner of the My Profile page. Check it out!

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More new features for Event Planners

We’ve been hard at work getting new features off the drawing board and on to the site; some were planned for a while, and some have come up as a result of your suggestions.

  • Custom questions are here! Event planners can now define custom questions and key answers for all the TDs in their favorites list. Only the admin for your company can define or edit questions, but anyone at your company can update the information.
  • Now you can re-send invitations to TDs who haven’t responded. On your Events page, you’ll see an icon next to any invitation with a status of Invited. Click it to send it again.
  • We’ve add a verification step to new accounts. Some people have created multiple accounts after forgetting which e-mail they signed up with; hopefully this will cut down on the number of orphaned accounts. The verification page also shows you how to enable links for the emails you receive from us, since this seems to be a stumbling block for many users.

And we’ve got more stuff in the hopper, stay tuned!

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Over 200 regional airports added

Seems we missed a lot more than John Wayne Aiport before; we’ve added nearly 250 additional airports to the airport list under the “Change My Airports” section of My Profile. This *should* take care of all the airports that were missing, but feel free to post a comment here or contact us through the site if there’s another one we’ve missed.


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Account management added, edit event revised

Two new points of interest this week:

  • There’s a new button (and page) called My Account: you can update your name, your email, and your password here. You can also delete your account, but we sincerely hope you never use it. 🙂
  • We’ve revised the edit event feature. Before you could double click the name of the event and edit it right on the page, but not the dates. It was slick, but not so helpful. For self-created events (this really applies to TDs), planners can’t see the event names anyway, so editing the name wasn’t nearly as important as editing the dates. Getting all of that code into the existing page was proving to be thorny, so now there’s a separate edit event page.

    For TD’s click on the underlined program name to edit it’s information; event planners should click on the pencil icon to the right of the program name. Event Planners please note that changing the dates of the program does not change any existing invitations you have out there, regardless of invitation status. It’s just informational for you.

As always, please let us know via the contact form or via email (support (-at-) if you run into any problems with it!


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Airports update

Somehow we managed to omit two important airports from the profile list: John Wayne (SNA) and Tucson International (TUC). Sorry about that — must have been the Mountain Dew. These airports are now in the list; apologies to anyone who was inconvenienced.


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Edit event names in-place

Well, we weren’t even up for a week when someone asked how to edit an event name that had already been entered.

Being as we never make spelling mistakes (yeah, right!), it hadn’t occurred to us to add that ability.

Wish granted: not only you can edit the name, you can edit it right in place on your “My Events” page. Double-click on the name and the title will be replace with an editing box. Then click anywhere outside the edit box (or hit the TAB key if you like keyboard shortcuts) and your change will be saved automatically.

Note: this only works on events YOU created yourself; you can’t change someone else’s event title.


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