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Incentive travel is back!

They say everything in life comes down to timing. We launched StaffReservations in July of 2008 with high hopes. Just three months later, incentive travel would grind to a virtual halt. AIG’s relatively small incentive program for independent resellers of its insurance products became a symbol of corporate greed. As the economy sputtered, the travel & meetings industry sputtered along with it. It was hard to get planners to even try StaffReservations, even with free accounts during our beta period. Slowly though, things have been getting better –when you see a discussion of the industry’s health in a mainstream outlet (read: not one of our niche publications), it’s a good bet that the space has recovered. Signups here at StaffRes are starting to pick up as well.

According to this article from USA TODAY:
“Incentive travel is showing the fastest rate of growth in all group business,” Benson says, adding that the resort sold about 200,000 group room nights this year vs. 146,000 a year ago.

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