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Media disconnect

You know it’s bad when even travel writers are jumping on the bandwagon like Rob Lovitt of MSNBC in his self-serving piece last month. This scattershot screed seems to blame the automakers and Las Vegas builders for the rash of cancelled programs of late.

The industry in general hasn’t done a very good job of defending incentive travel. While some clients have nixed programs for cash flow issues, far more have done it in fear of an AIG-like backlash. The truth is that there are plenty of companies out there who have nothing to do with the current financial disaster who know the value of incentive travel: retention of the most successful people in the organization. That’s the message that needs to get out, and sadly it’s been buried in all the “worst crisis since the Great Depression” meme that we can’t seem to get away from.

Hopefully, sites likes Meetings Mean Business and the Meeting Industry Crisis Center can make a dent in all the negative publicity. Do your part!

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