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2009 arrives with two big new items

We’re getting 2009 going with a bang with two big announcements: Public Profiles and open registration for event planners.

First, let’s talk about Public Profiles. This is a terrific new feature that allows TDs to have a public link to their schedule and profile.

If your name is… Richard Pryor, for example, you can have a link to your profile page that looks like:

You can send this link to any planner you work with. They can bookmark it and anytime they want to check your schedule they can go to your page. Planners don’t have to sign in — they don’t even need an account at all! Feel free to add this link to your Facebook, MySpace, Friendster, or LinkedIn pages.

Of course, this is an optional step. We’ve left it turned off by default to respect your privacy. To turn it on, log in to the site and then go to My Account. You’ll see a new field called Public Profile Name. In most cases you can just type your name (no spaces please, and upper/lowercase doesn’t matter) and then click the Update Account button. Presto! Your new public page is ready to go! If you ever change your mind, just blank the field and your public page will vanish.

The other big news is open registration for event planners. We’ve opened up the site so that any event planner can now register for a free beta account with five seats. That means any of the planners you work with now have an even bigger reason to check us out! Spread the news — the more users we have the better the site will get.

We hope you think public profiles are as cool as we do, and keep spreading the word to the event planners you work with!

Best wishes for a great (and busy!) 2009!


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