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Event status improvements

Some small improvements for TDs entering their own events.

  • Before, when you created an event, the status was automatically set to Accepted, which meant your only option was to cancel it. Now, we’ve added the In Discussion status to this page.What this means is that if a planner wants you to hold a set of dates, you can enter the dates and set the event to In Discussion. To event planners your schedule will show “Tentative.” That way, everyone you can see you’ve pencilled in those dates, but you’re not committed until you change the status to Accepted. Other planners can still issue invites for those dates, and when the planner you blocked the dates for eventually sends a proper invitation, you can accept that one and cancel the first one.
  • Now instead of declining an event you entered yourself, you can just cancel it.
  • Canceled events are shown with lines through them and faded to indicate they’re not relevant events anymore.

What do you think? Should canceled events even be displayed at all? Or would you rather have the option to turn it on and off?

Also, caught a bug in the update event page where a date update would error out — this has been fixed.

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