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More new features for Event Planners

We’ve been hard at work getting new features off the drawing board and on to the site; some were planned for a while, and some have come up as a result of your suggestions.

  • Custom questions are here! Event planners can now define custom questions and key answers for all the TDs in their favorites list. Only the admin for your company can define or edit questions, but anyone at your company can update the information.
  • Now you can re-send invitations to TDs who haven’t responded. On your Events page, you’ll see an icon next to any invitation with a status of Invited. Click it to send it again.
  • We’ve add a verification step to new accounts. Some people have created multiple accounts after forgetting which e-mail they signed up with; hopefully this will cut down on the number of orphaned accounts. The verification page also shows you how to enable links for the emails you receive from us, since this seems to be a stumbling block for many users.

And we’ve got more stuff in the hopper, stay tuned!

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