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See your event calendar in Google and Outlook!

At long last you can link your Staff Reservations calendar to Google Calendar or your favorite email program. TDs can now enjoy seeing their Staff Reservations trips in their favorite calendar, without having to re-enter information. As soon as you accept an event it will appear in your calendar program. Planner change the dates? No problem, your calendar will update automatically. Planners can see who’s accepted invitations to events just by mousing over an event — those who have committed to work your event will appear in the description.

TDs: Your event link is at the bottom of your events page.
Planners: You’ll see two links at the bottom of your events page: one link for your events, and another link with which you can see all the ongoing events at your company.

To link to Google Calendar, log in to your Google,  go to Calendar, and click the downward triangle next to “Other Calendars” (bottom left corner). Click on Add By Url. Copy the URL from your events page into the box and you’re done.

For Outlook 2010 go Calendar View -> Open Calendar -> From Internet and paste your calendar link into the box. When asked, say Yes to keeping your calendar updated.

For Outlook 2007, go to Tools -> Account Settings. Select the Internet Calendars tab, click on New and paste your calendar link in the box. When asked, say Yes to keeping your calendar updated.

Got more ideas for new features? Let us know!

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Sh*t Meeting Planners Say

A funny, too-familiar video to start your day:

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Incentive travel is back!

They say everything in life comes down to timing. We launched StaffReservations in July of 2008 with high hopes. Just three months later, incentive travel would grind to a virtual halt. AIG’s relatively small incentive program for independent resellers of its insurance products became a symbol of corporate greed. As the economy sputtered, the travel & meetings industry sputtered along with it. It was hard to get planners to even try StaffReservations, even with free accounts during our beta period. Slowly though, things have been getting better –when you see a discussion of the industry’s health in a mainstream outlet (read: not one of our niche publications), it’s a good bet that the space has recovered. Signups here at StaffRes are starting to pick up as well.

According to this article from USA TODAY:
“Incentive travel is showing the fastest rate of growth in all group business,” Benson says, adding that the resort sold about 200,000 group room nights this year vs. 146,000 a year ago.

You can read the whole article at:



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Check out the new search page

At long last you can search by skill and skill level! Need a PowerPoint Ninja? Someone Fluent in French? They’re easy to find now. Search your favorites, your friends favorites, or the whole database if you like!

Stay tuned…searching by your custom questions & answers is coming soon along with some other cool features.

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Never miss a message!

Never miss an invitation to work an event! Now you can get a FREE text message sent to your phone the moment you’re invited to work. Sometimes email can get delayed or put into a spam folder. Don’t miss out on work — go to the My Account page and enter your cell number to get notified every time there’s new activity on your account.

This service is FREE!

(Note, your cell company may charge you, depending on what plan you have. We’re just sayin’.)

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Now you can modify invitations and cancel single invitees!

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!

We know we’ve been quiet for a while, but we’ve been busy making a lot of under-the-hood type changes to enable the kinds of features you’ve been asking for.

Today we’ve got two of the most requested features now up and running: you can modify an invitation to a TD after its been sent, and you can cancel and invitation to a single TD.

You’ll notice a new icon in your Events page that appears next to every invited TD. This will allow you to change the invitation dates for that TD. One important thing to note: when you send a new set of dates to a TD, the TD always has the option to decline the new dates and keep the old dates in place. We’ve made this decision so that you as the event planner can ask someone else to adjust their dates if the first TD can’t change his or her plans. If only the new dates will work, you can always cancel that one invitation.

Also, the TD has the option to decline both the old dates and the new dates if neither will work.

We’ve tested these features pretty thoroughly so far, but do let us know if you run into any problems and we’ll get them fixed right away.

Let us know what you think!

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Almost Famous – SR mentioned in MPI magazine

StaffReservations got some nice press this month in MPI’s One+ magazine!

You can see the digital edition here if you don’t already get the print edition.

Thanks MPI!

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Overdue new feature: see your colleagues’ events

By popular demand — event planners can now see their colleagues’ events as well.

By default, the My Events page will show you the events you’re running — now you’ll see a toggle that will show you all the events at your company and who’s planning them, ordered by date.


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2009 arrives with two big new items

We’re getting 2009 going with a bang with two big announcements: Public Profiles and open registration for event planners.

First, let’s talk about Public Profiles. This is a terrific new feature that allows TDs to have a public link to their schedule and profile.

If your name is… Richard Pryor, for example, you can have a link to your profile page that looks like:

You can send this link to any planner you work with. They can bookmark it and anytime they want to check your schedule they can go to your page. Planners don’t have to sign in — they don’t even need an account at all! Feel free to add this link to your Facebook, MySpace, Friendster, or LinkedIn pages.

Of course, this is an optional step. We’ve left it turned off by default to respect your privacy. To turn it on, log in to the site and then go to My Account. You’ll see a new field called Public Profile Name. In most cases you can just type your name (no spaces please, and upper/lowercase doesn’t matter) and then click the Update Account button. Presto! Your new public page is ready to go! If you ever change your mind, just blank the field and your public page will vanish.

The other big news is open registration for event planners. We’ve opened up the site so that any event planner can now register for a free beta account with five seats. That means any of the planners you work with now have an even bigger reason to check us out! Spread the news — the more users we have the better the site will get.

We hope you think public profiles are as cool as we do, and keep spreading the word to the event planners you work with!

Best wishes for a great (and busy!) 2009!


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New feature: Notes!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Now that the last of the turkey has made it into the last of the turkey salad sandwiches, it’s time to roll out another great feature: NOTES!

Available only for premium users, the new notes feature lets any planner at your company enter notes for a TD that are visible to all planners at your company. You can enter general notes, or, enter a note that applies to a specific past event. This second type of note is great for when you’re doing your post-trip review. Anyone can enter post-trip notes while the information is fresh in one’s memory, and then later print out or review all post-trip notes with the team. (Or, for annual events, a new planner can review which staff did well last year, and which ones didn’t do as well.)

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